Project 2​:​16

by Markus Widegren

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You and I will go away Together to the planet Pluto It is the suns most distant companion It is far away out in our solar system If you didn't know its got a moon also Charon is the moon of planet Pluto Yes, I know some people say Pluto is just an asteroid astray But I don't mind that cause its far away That's is where I'll go to be alone with you With you I'll sit on the brink of stars Watching space and everything beyond And when its enough we'll take a ride On a comet back to Earth
I Wanna Know 01:56
Well I wanna know why you said you had to go When you sat there right by my side Well I wanna see the one about to be replacing me And tell him all the things that you have done to me I know you're far away, but I want you anyway Well I know they said the two of you'll be the perfect match But that was obviously wrong Ever since we met I felt this anguish and regret Cause I knew how it all would end So, hello, this is the end, I cant endure all this again Cause I'm to old for this Well in fact I know that it was me, I threw it all away When you left me all alone
Out there in the night I wander among the trees My path only lit by twinkling stars And only you could bring them down And only you could bring them down Up in the skies tonight there are a million stars They're very far away I know But they're closer to me than you But they're closer to me than you Don't think they've been so clear is it like this everywhere Can you see them from where you stand Is it dark enough for you to see Is it dark enough for you to see Their bright light touches me trying to illuminate my soul Gilling up the void of emptiness Where your absent kisses should be Where your absent kisses should be
Julie said I'm sorry for what I've done I didn't mean for things to go this wrong I said that it's okay I'm used to you by now And I'll get over this I think well somehow Julie said I'm tired and all things must end I know that you are strong and I want you as my friend I said of course my dear I will always be here Ss long as you are around I won't go anywhere Julie said that this must be the best of all bad things I can not pretend that I'm an angel without wings I said that I know all about your complicated past But things can change and all will be alright at last
So the rose is forgotten, the dancing is done I have cried at my stone Somehow I knew how this would end It couldn't have been different Depression and sadness darkness and death And they wonder why I wear black Every time I try to understand Someone is there to ruin it all The dead and the dying are happy and saved For me there is still suffering Their journey is over and nothing is left The magick of nothing is gone Summon the ghost of dramatic perception There is no book of redemption Anger and fury hate and regret There is no one that cares No one will listen, you're on your own Not even your self will follow you down No one is lost as were nothing at first Were just statistic frequencies Matter and waves are the same in the end You and all sounds will fade Forget all the stars from which you are born There is no eternal fire There is no abyss and there is no salvation That is lies to keep fear away Anger and fury is this what we get Something is terribly wrong I have seen happiness I know it exists Unless that's just another lie You are the evil, the one that men fear You are the one I want to be near But the roses are gone and I am afraid This is how things are gonna end
Can you see the fruit of the golden tree Can you see its price Can you see the pain that it will cost you Or are you to blind to see All the horrid things you endure to win Will they make your dreams come true Or will you work and struggle till you die Is that really what the fruit is worth Go ahead and pick the golden fruit today I say: tomorrow is to late Feel the wind, how it whispers in your heart Only then your mind will be free Go ahead and drop you burden to the floor I'm sure that no one will complain They will follow you on a raid of consciousness And steal the fruit before it falls
Jake's alone again, it's Valentine's day Yet another girl has led him astray He was seeking something to keep him warm But instead he was swept off by a storm Jake's sitting there with his head bent down And his forehead, my friend, it is so frown For he's sitting there, thinking: what shall I do With my life now when I can't be with you All the tears of tonight might drown me in my sleep Therefore I ask the lord my precious soul to keep And then again he sits there all alone With nothing to say and nothing to atone There are people that lives in his heart But they are strangers now, they walk far apart In the end it might turn out for the best If he just laid his head down to rest For tomorrow the tears of yesterday have dried And his heart will be lighter than before he cried Tonight all sorrows will leave him, and his fright Cause the tears of tomorrow will dry tonight
Deenay 02:36
In 1944 the great discovery is done At the Rockefeller Institute For the first time we see the deoxiribonukleic acid It contains the codes for everything that lives And in 1962 James D Watson and Frances Crick Gets the Nobel prize in chemistry for The discovery that its shape is double helix Deoxiribonukleic acid, yeah dna dna dna, dna dna A T G C are the nucleoid proteins That is the code which we're built of Restrictionenzymes, artificial insulin Hybrid, design, clone
One day I met my friends right here in the park, They said: We're off to India just now this week We're gonna be away almost half a year We're leaving right now, don't you shed any tears Oh, we're off to India And they went away and I haven't seen them since I hope they are not lost on the way they walk I got a letter one day and they said They were riding around in buses without brakes And deranged drivers driving around in the countryside And I don't know if they are lost or not How can I find out, I don't know I must go to India myself I must see if they are ok or need some help I can't send another one, I know that I must go I must go to India and see what I can find To India, to India But everything turned out to be ok My friends were alright, nothing was bad They hadn't lost their way, the way that they should walk Everything was ok, so I had to go home From India, from India
Indiagram 03:33
Early winter morning I'm going home I've been at a party with some friends All I want to do now is go to bed It's all over now it is to late They're gone tomorrow They've gone away They are going on a journey Far far away All that remains now are memories Of all the things that we used to do Now I won't see them for quite a while But they have promised me to send some mail All the way From India They're gonna send me An indiagram Now I'm waiting thank god it's spring It brings sunshine into my life It won't be long now they're coming home That's what they said in their last indiagram They've been away Seen a lot of things But now it's time Time to come home
She looked at me and asked Are you drunk or depressed Maybe you know me far to well A little bit of both I said and smiled Give me a cigarette, I wanna smoke Light it for me baby, we can die together I inhaled, felt a burning sensation Like when I met her the first time We sat alone in the darkest corner of the room Talking about how it feels to die The music was loud, people were dancing Everyone is pretending that they are not alone I looked at the girl right across the table She looked at me and I felt like the sun again She told me don't be happy, it is over soon And then we'll both be looking for another one I nodded at her and bought another beer That's the only company that won't go away And then he came in through the door The reaper in a black coat, oh no! I know what you want, he said to me But it is her I came for you'll have to stay
So this is how it's gonna be You're in love but not with me I would have liked to say we But this is how it's gonna be
I was walking in the garden trying to plant something that would grow up to you that I could give you I was planting flowers when I saw you coming down through the forest among the trees the sun was bright and I saw you in the light I was smiling you wouldn't be so lonely in my heart I want to see you I would die if you if you came around and sat down I want to see you in my garden In the garden And in the park my friends will be waiting I met them in the park one day when they went for a walk I found them strange but they were all my friends and I want them to be with me and you will come to see me into the eyes of everyone that ever had to be in my garden oh, in my park, every friend I have now they'll get into my garden or my park for a strange day I'm walking with my friends in the park
Express highway to the deteriorating universe And what do we find No implosive end just eternal fade Nothing matters any more since there is no matter No physical processes left to define time (The distance between events) Only space will be left untouched by chaos Let's become space and we'll live forever


This album was recorded in 2001 as a demo for a solo-album by Markus Widegren. But for some inexplicable reason it was instead issued by Markus band Expanding Chaos with cover art that was intended for one of Markus novels. It has now been re-published with the correct cover art as a proper solo-project by Markus Widegren.

The album has also been re-recorded in its entirety as a cover album by Expanding Chaos under the title Closer To The Stars. It will also be re-issued at a future date over at


released July 30, 2001

Project 2:16 was written, performed, recorded, mixed, photographed & designed by Markus Widegren at Modul 216 in Östersund, Sweden, in february-july 2001.

Copyright Markus Widegren 2001.


all rights reserved



Markus Widegren Sweden

Solo-project from Expanding Chaos-member Markus Widegren.

#3: Coming 2021.

#2: Small stories about pain and misery in Swedish.

#1: An old demo in English about unrequited love and misery from 2001.
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